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Arrive in Luxury on your special day

The Rolls Royce Phantom

Wedding Car Hire | Make your day even more special

Arrive and feel like a celebrity on your big day in one of our chauffeur driven Rolls Royce Phantom or Bentley Continental Flying Spur all of which are highly maintained and thoroughly cleaned to ensure you the best service possible. We fully acknowledge that weddings can be the most important event to take place in someone’s life and work together accordingly with your wedding planners to ensure the vehicle fully complies with your wedding schedule on the day also allowing allocated time specially for wedding car photographs which you can frame and cherish for ever with memory of your big day. All our cars come fully prepared to the client’s marriage theme with complimentary choice of coloured ribbons & flowers beautifully decorated on the vehicle to add that extra sparkle.


Arrive in Style


Long gone are the days of when the bride & groom arrive in horse carriages on to their wedding day, let us take you to your wedding place in a luxurious Rolls Royce Phantom, Shining in its classy white pearl colour it is sure to turn heads who so ever lays eyes upon it. The vehicle will be fully prepared for you when it arrives at yours driven ultra smoothly by our chauffeurs you won’t even feel it absorb all the rough terrain whilst in transit. Make your wedding a day to be remembered by arriving in the most elegant cars known to man

All our vehicles can be fully prepared in according to your wedding theme with ribbons available in different colours and flowers the cars can truly make your wedding ride look special on your big day. Upon special requests we can even apply vinyl signs on our wedding cars cars to mark out and represent your event; by being able to give you a fully customized experience we feel are able to work together with the client to ensure their event goes smoothly according to plan.

Customized around you

Rolls-Royce-phantom-white Bentley-Flying-Spur

The Bentley flying spur can be considered the epitome of luxury and refinement. The vehicle draws attentions from crowds of all ages whilst it glides over imperfections on the road, an experience that must be sat in to be truly felt making this the ultimate luxury wedding car. This vehicle can be arranged in a variety of colours and numbers in fleet size to accommodate weddings of all types and sizes along side with chauffeur assisted photography session allowing you to capture magnificent photographs with your Bentley wedding car hire so you can capture the special memories to keep forver.

Chauffeur Driven Bentley Flying Spur

Arrive in the world’s most luxurious vehicle; we present to you the Rolls Royce Phantom in celebrity white. Heritage aspires this car to be the grand wedding carriage in today’s world, the car comes with large media friendly windows and suicide doors which truly make you feel like royalty whilst it dominates where ever it goes. The car will also come fully decorated in according to your wedding theme complete with ribbons and flowers to add to the special occasion. The Phantom is a beautifully designed vehicle which takes months to manufacture & is often considered to be the epitome to luxury travel. Make your day something special and arrive in a fleet of phantoms to cater for you and your guest, get in touch to see how we can help you.

Chauffeur Driven Rolls Royce Phantom

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